Application for Employment

(for all departments)

To review the most current cemetery regulations, please click the "Village Ordinances" link above.

Please be considerate of others and keep in mind the following sections of

Nuisance Ordinance 2010-2:

Page 3, section 1-2-1, regarding leash laws.

Page 23, section 2-4-2, regarding burning garbage, household goods, and refuse within Village limits.

Page 23, section 2-4-3, regarding burning in streets, lanes, avenues,alleys within Village limits.

Page 23, section 2-4-4, regarding the burning leaves, brush, and other vegetation within Village limits. 


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The Onken General Store building

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As a courtesy to others, please be considerate and clean up after your pets when you walk them.
Please don't leave your pet's mess in someone else's yard or on public property.

​​​The Village of Chapin is accepting applications for a part-time public works assistant.  This is a year round position that involves numerous activities including (but not limited to) street maintenance (winter and summer), minor repairs, meter reads, and mowing.  Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and eligible for employment in Illinois and have basic math, reading, and communication skills.  Having a CDL, computer skills, and/or light plumbing, electrical, mechanical knowledge is preferred.

The Village is also accepting applications for a part-time Administrative Assistant in the office.  Duties will include (but are not limited to) working with accounts payable and received, utility billing, payroll, filing and customer service. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, eligible for employment in Illinois, and have basic math, reading, and communication skills.  Having computer and accounting experience is preferred.
The application for employment with the Village of Chapin is available at this link:

VOC application 3-29-21.pdf     ​(If this link doesn't open, please try the "Application for Employment" link on our homepage.) 

Applications will be accepted for both positions until they are filled.

The Board of Trustees approved Ordinance 2020-3 (which amends Ordinance 2010-2) and adds horses, mules, donkeys, etc. to the list of animals prohibited to be owned within Village of Chapin limits. 

We have noticed several types of vandalism in our community park recently. The concrete has been chipped away and thrown into the grass, which could have caused severe damage and injuries if hit by a mower. Our picnic tables have been broken, leaving the nails exposed and the tables unsteady.

Please be respectful of our community, our park, and each other. Please help us keep our park safe for everyone to enjoy.

Ordinance 2017-11 establishing Curbside Yard Waste pick up has been added to the Village Ordinances page of this website.

510 Everett Street

A Great Place to Call Home

As nicer weather returns to the region, please remember to watch out for bicycle riders, walkers/joggers, children playing, etc.

If you intend to use a non-highway vehicle (golf carts, etc.) within the Village limits, please be sure to register your vehicle, apply for and receive the proper permits. An appointment for the vehicle inspection can be made by calling the Village.

Also, please observe the ordinances regarding yard waste burning and be considerate of neighbor that might have breathing issues, etc.

Please be careful, be safe and allow everyone to enjoy the spring and summer weather!