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Census 2020

Remember to submit your US Census 2020 information.

This information helps determine federal and state funding for Chapin for the next ten years.

It is very important to include EVERYONE!!

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The Onken General Store building


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chapin Village Hall is closed to the public until further notice from the State of Illinois.  We are not able to rent the American Legion building out during this time either.

Please be considerate of your family, friends, and neighbors by adhering to Gov. Pritzker's shelter in place and social distancing guidelines.  The most up to date information can be found at:


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       We have received numerous reports of children riding motorbikes and driving non-highway vehicles in town.  This is both dangerous and illegal!

     The Village of Chapin requires non-highway vehicles to be insured, to be inspected annually and to have a current Village of Chapin permit. This permit is ONLY VALID IN CHAPIN, not on the roads outside of town. ALL requirements must be met and this inspection must be signed off by our Chief of Police to receive a permit. 

      Illinois state law requires the driver to have a current, valid state drivers' license to drive a non-highway vehicle on the streets. Our Village ordinance requires the driver to be at least 18 years of age.

       Permit application

    Illinois state law regarding non-highway vehicles

As warmer weather approaches, please be considerate of others and keep in mind the following sections of

Nuisance Ordinance 2010-2:

Page 3, section 1-2-1, regarding leash laws.

Page 23, section 2-4-2, regarding burning garbage, household goods, and refuse within Village limits.

Page 23, section 2-4-3, regarding burning in streets, lanes, avenues,alleys within Village limits.

Page 23, section 2-4-4, regarding the burning leaves, brush, and other vegetation within Village limits. 

Welcome to Chapin, Earlybird Feed!!

The Village of Chapin Board of Trustees was pleased to welcome Darrel Gudeman and Greg Welsh of Earlybird Feed to our April 8, 2020 board meeting. 


To review the most current cemetery regulations, please click the "Village Ordinances" link above.

​Please read Village Ordinance 2010-2 

regarding our leash laws, prohibited burning, and other "nuisances".

Please read Village Ordinance 2011-3

regarding operating non-highway vehicles within Chapin Village limits.

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Way to go Chapin!!

72.2% of homes that have completed the 2020 census as of May 21! (Illinois is at 65%, and nationally we are at 59.9%). Please remind your friends and family to submit this important information by following this link.

Census 2020

510 Everett Street

We have also received reports of people letting their dogs run and their children play near (even throwing objects into) our waste water treatment facility.  Please do not allow or encourage this. Throwing object into the lagoon can result in costly damages and is illegal. This facility is municipally owned, and it is not a recreational area!

A Great Place to Call Home

Ordinance 2017-11 establishing Curbside Yard Waste pick up has been added to the Village Ordinances page of this website.