510 Everett Street

A Great Place to Call Home

The Village of Chapin Board of Trustees meetings will be held at the Chapin American Legion during 2022.

The meetings begin at 7:00pm on the second Wednesday of each month. 

We will follow the current COVID-19 restrictions 

for gatherings and include social distancing and mask wearing requests. 

If you have concerns to share with the Board, please contact us as shown on this page.

Thank you for understanding our desire to keep you (and us) healthy.

To contact the board, please mail, call, or email as listed below:

Village of Chapin

510 Everett Street

P.O. Box 213

Chapin, IL  62628


217-472-5101 (Fax)


Rex Brockhouse, President

Christina Courier, Clerk

Wendy Bridgewater, Treasurer

Loren Hamilton, Trustee

Mark Lovekamp, Trustee

Leslie Forsman, Trustee

Adam Brockhouse, Trustee

Erin Morrow, Trustee

Mary Rae Brockhouse, Trustee